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Refashionable Sewing
I’m sure you’ll never guess where I got this bright vintage pencil skirt!  The only real problem with this skirt was the size.  It was a giant green blob of a skirt!  I loved the color, so I thought is was worth some time. 
Down side - it’s a poly/rayon blend, so not my cup of tea when it comes to fabric.  I definitely prefer natural fibers.
Up side - I found a nearly identical emerald green Pendleton wool skirt on the same trip.  This bright one was the perfect practice skirt to make sure I didn’t screw up that yummy Pendleton wool!
Please note - if you notice the pins around the hem, that’s because I haven’t hemmed it yet.  Chalk it up to laziness and being impatient.  And excited.
  • 9 March 2012
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